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About Us

Armored Lawn Care is a lawn care service that places quality before quantity. We care for our customers and aim to provide them with trusted and dependable service. We maintain the lawns of many whom may be prevented from being able to take care of their own lawns as well as those who are just seeking a good honest and reliable lawn care provider.

Services: For a regular mow/trim we price the service by the job. For other lawn care needs beyond a mow and trim it is done at an hourly rate. Some of the most typical services we do include mowing/trimming, edging, some bush trimming, spring clean-ups, fall/leaf clean-ups, lawn rolling to help smooth out a rough lawn, etc. If you have any questions or are curious if we can do a specific task, feel free to ask! Using Armored Lawn Care as your lawn service is a great way to help those who are in need because part of the proceeds that are obtained through these services go to help provide resources for those who are physically and financially prevented from maintaining their yard as explained below.

Ministry: This service is able to help people who are in need (sick, disabled, etc) and don’t have the ability to mow and care for their lawn. Properly discounted service will help them if they are experiencing financial difficulty while not having anyone to care for their lawn. We are able to work with them financially while helping them keep up and maintain their lawn.

We are currently in the process of building up this service the best way that we can through God’s guidance. Any donation’s toward the growth and continued establishment of this service is appreciated. Please continue to lift us and this service up in your prayers as it continues to grow. Thank you for your prayers and support!

God Bless!

Steven and Teirra